Roberto Sacasa Photo


A story of Moments


It´s been 19 years since the first time i picked up a camera, with the idea of capturing a moment, a moment that started with a 35mm roll and still has not ended. I've had the chance to study in Guatemala, Italy and the US, complemented with a BS and BA in graphic design and movie/tv production with 4 specialties (Communication, Marketing, Publicity and Photography), and now a Google Trusted Photographer. 

Life is full of moments, happy and sad ones, but also other countless emotions; but above all there are always the moments that are memorable and that we love to capture, so they can last forever. Cameras allow us to magically capture unforgettable experiences, but the most important is to know the perfect and exact moment to do it. Life has given me the opportunity to capture moments, not only my own but the great chance to capture someone else's.